CP-76 Tab 1


Imagine a wired TV remote that you would have to plug in every time you wanted to watch TV… NONSENSE, right? Well, for some reason automakers did exactly that but with CarPlay.

And it's so annoying - All that unnecessary connecting & disconnecting (especially when you're in a hurry). Not to mention it gives off that outdated and messy look…NO MORE!

With Pairr adapter, you don't have to worry about any of those because it focuses on what's actually important - your daily convenience & driving experience. Simply connect it once & forget about it. It's that easy.

Here are more reasons why you'll love Pairr:

  • It will automatically load CarPlay within 15s of turning your car, so you'll never have to touch wires ever again!
  • Doesn't crash & has a reliable connection, unlike others, thanks to a newly tested & upgraded P-225Z 5GHz premium microchip
  • Setup is a simple Plug & Play
  • Tidies up your interior & provides a minimalistic look while keeping all factory controls (buttons, Siri, Touchscreen, etc.)
  • Will teleport you back to the future once you reach 88mph
  • Not sure about the one above. However, we are certain that Pairr will COMPLETELY transform your CarPlay & driving experience to a positive side.