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NOTE: Our wireless Android Auto adapter is now also compatible with CarPlay & iPhone devices.

If you've been using Android Auto in your car you've probably connected and disconnected the cable to your phone at least 1,000 times… How annoying is that? Especially when you're in a hurry. Now you can enjoy a wireless Android Auto experience with our simple plug & play Pairr adapter. Connect it once and forget about it. It's that easy!

  • Just plug and connect with your phone, that's it!
  • No third-party apps/software to download
  • Loads Wireless Android Auto within 15 seconds of turning on the car
  • Connects and loads automatically every time you enter the car
  • Can be used with almost any car brand!
  • Utilizes all of the existing commands: buttons, knobs & touchscreen
  • The adapter works with: smartphones running Android 11 or newer and with iPhone 6 or newer (iOS 10+)

Warning: This product may completely transform your Android Auto experience to the positive side. You may find yourself enjoying your daily commutes a lot more while your smiles per miles metric skyrockets.